Razor Back Hogs baby sets


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I can make all sports baby sets or other characters sets of what you want made,along with your super heroes and Pokemon, angry birds, Disney and school color and more more
Sizes from Preemie to 2T
All sizes are priced $25.99
Includes a Shirt, mittens, head bands, booties or shoes if desired.
Takes me a week to make.
Include all information and measurements. If they don’t fit well you didn’t measure right.
There are no refunds ever. Return at your cost.
Hand crocheted by me

This should fit in the small shipping box $6.99
You may order more than one outfit.

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Shipping from : United States (US)

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United States (US) $6.99 $0.93

Shipping Policy

We ship from my house I always have something in stock

I use the small box $6.00 for single item
and $15.99 box for the medium box.

There are NEVER any REFUNDS you may resend at your cost if not damaged

I make from patterns I have or from photos and I can not do EXACT to any photo to avoid copy right laws
The photos are somebody elses I use them as teasers I can come close to them.

I have also designed a few.

Orders take me up to a week to make.

I am glad to do bulk orders 30 - 60 days to make

My dolls are $15.00 to cover bank and pay pal and tax fees.

Send me a message or email with full information and a photo of what you want done

Pay with pay pal invoice at time of your order.

I am in Face Book Jackie Popp Arkansas look for the Papilion dog profile face

I am happy to do customer support. If you treat me rudely I am done with you.

I do paid orders first. I have lots of customers and happy customers

And this is the only way I can work.

Thank you for understanding and Thanks for stopping by.

Return Policy

You may return to my house at your cost. NO REFUNDS EVER

I buy the yarn
I buy the stuffing $13.00 a bag
I do the work at least a week with 3 kinds of Arthur in my hands
I try to keep costs down.
I do the best I can do it's only me
I can only crochet 2 - 3 hrs at a time.