Fairy Circle Meditation & Self-Massage Kit


Attract a Multitude of Fairy Healing Energy to your Circle!

*For Experienced Meditators

Connect with the Spirits of the Earth using her Crystal Jewels & Aromatherapy.
Call on Flower Fairies, Tree Fairies, Fire Fairies, Water Fairies, Earth Fairies or House Fairies.

Each Fairy embodies the Healing Energy of the realm they reside in.

This meditation can be used to connect you with Fairy energy and to call forward the Fairy’s Healing Energy to assist you.

Call Fairy Energy using 13 Healing Crystals and an Aromatherapy Blend.
Includes a Fairy-sized small Sodalite Sphere!
A diagram of the Crystal Circle Layout is included.
Breathe & Meditate within your Fairy Circle.

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